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What is the Early Years Starter Package?

The is a fully comprehensive SYSTEMATIC SYNTHETIC PHONICS programme for early years and beginners written by Debbie Hepplewhite. It is a package of online, downloadable resources (pdfs) with some online audio-visual resources to enable users to ‘hear the sounds’ of the English language.

The is suitable for use in homes for parents to teach or provide additional phonics support for their children. It is suitable as an infants’ phonics programme in pre-schools and schools. It is also suitable for tutoring purposes - to provide systematic teaching of the English alphabetic code and ample practice of reading, spelling and handwriting.

The can be used to supplement, or complement, other systematic synthetic phonics programmes and resources – providing structured teaching and learning opportunities for learners who require additional practice and support in school or at home.

The is purchased via a one-year licence system (see ‘how to purchase’) but it is also provided for
FREE (as a ‘programme within a programme’) when the full Phonics International programme is purchased. Phonics International is a much more extensive programme as it introduces further alphabetic code and develops into a sustained phonics spelling programme for older learners. The full Phonics International programme is ‘match-funded’ approved by the government in England.

Further Information:  

Click HERE to view the 16 page Information Booklet which tells you all about systematic
synthetic phonics and the

What is it?

Who is it for?

What resources are included?


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How to purchase the EYSP logo licence:

Click HERE to purchase the one-year licence for access to the resources as shown in the Information Booklet above.

Please note that you receive no hard-copy resources as the programme is provided online as pdfs and audio-visual resources. You will be provided with login details to access the resources when you have purchased your licence.

We recommend that you print those materials in the which are designed specifically for learners to complete - i.e., the multi-skills EARLY YEARS STARTER ACTIVITY SHEETS and the SIMPLE SENTENCES.

The cost of the licence is currently only £11 for a one-year licence - but note that from November 2013, for new purchasers or second and subsequent years, the annual cost of the licence will increase to £35 for individual parents for home-use and £75 for institutional pre-schools and school settings.*

Please note that it is significantly less expensive to buy a substantial programme as ‘virtual’ resources (some of which can be viewed online and some of which can be printed) than to buy hard-copy books with the equivalent bank of resources to photocopy.

*All prices subject to VAT where applicable
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