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language, literature and phonics for three to six year olds

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Early Years Starter Package and Teeny Reading Seeds

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This website is dedicated to the topic of language, literature and phonics for parents, carers and teachers of three to seven year olds.

In this endeavour, Phonics International Ltd provides free information and many free resources - and two comprehensive sets of online resources available to buy which are suitable for children around three to seven years old.

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"The Early Years Starter Package has a very special place in my heart because it started my daughter reading when I had tried and failed with several other highly regarded phonics programmes. The Guidance Book and resources provided me with the structure I needed to teach, and the Activity Sheets in particular, provided my daughter with a colourful, enjoyable lesson that cleverly took her through the skills she needed to learn, whilst respecting her very independent personality. Teaching my eldest child to read was not an easy journey, but she is absolutely thriving at school now and it was worth it 100 times over. Thank you Debbie."
Parent, Australia  

"When my eldest child started bringing home phonics work from school, her younger sibling, then aged 3, was desperate for some 'work' of her own. How lovely to find materials (Teeny Reading Seeds) specifically designed for her age group, with such clear guidance for adults on how to use it. It was reassuring to know that what I was using fitted in with the approaches she would go on to use at school. Thank you!"
Parent, UK

Meet the team behind the programmes:
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Debbie Hepplewhite Rachel Hornsey Abi Steel
Debbie Hepplewhite
Rachel Hornsey
Abigail Steel

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