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This website provides two sets of resources previously available as separate products but now available together as perfect companions to each other.

The ‘Teeny Reading Seeds’ resources and the two ‘Phonics and Talk Time’ eBooks are suitable for use in the home, and in nurseries and pre-schools, before using a full systematic synthetic phonics programme. They provide experience and exposure to alphabet letters linked to sounds and show how we can use reading, spelling and writing to communicate.

Keep scrolling to discover what is included in the package – and all for no charge – FREE..!

To get your FREE ‘Teeny Reading Seeds’ resources, click on the link at the top of this page. 

To get your FREE ‘Phonics and Talk Time’ eBooks (1 and 2), click on the book images below.

Teeny Reading Seeds

Teeny Reading Seeds Information Book
Click the image to view/download the Teeny Reading Seeds Information Booklet - includes full descriptions of resources.
  • Planning/Resources

    Provides planning suggestions and a comprehensive range of photocopiable/projectable resources for introducing the alphabet letters linked to sounds, in any order.

  • Modelling

    Model the phonics sub-skills and skills for reading, spelling and writing for children to copy and practise to increase their experience and understanding of letters and sounds.

  • Vocabulary enrichment...

    ...speaking and listening - increase children's knowledge of words and help them to develop their spoken language.

'Phonics and Talk Time' eBooks

Phonics and Talk Time - Book 1 Click image for FREE download
Phonics and Talk Time - Book 2 Click image for FREE download